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    DISGENET Rebrand: A Fresh Look, Same Reliable Data for Tomorrow

    DISGENET — our gene-disease association knowledge platform — was created in 2010 driven by our mission that a greater understanding of human genetics was vital to improve people’s health. With over 100,000 web users, we see you agree. Today, that need for reliable, high-quality genomics data hasn’t faltered, but the way we access data has […]

  • DISGENET: The Next Chapter For Disease Genomics Research

    From today, DisGeNET.org and DISGENET plus will become one unified platform found at disgenet.com. DisGeNET has become a cornerstone for bioinformatics research since starting in 2010. As a small team, we have dedicated 15 years to this valuable resource and we are committed to continuously improving the platform for you, our users. As you can imagine, […]