MedBioinformatics: A 15-year journey unlocking global data to fast-track your product development for a better tomorrow​

Data can change the world for the better. It accelerates research and speeds up product development, which improves people’s lives and our planet. However, by looking at the scattered nature of information in all fields of research, from human disease genetics to sustainable product development, the enormous potential of data cannot be unlocked. ​

That’s why we undertook the ambitious task of supporting companies and researchers in their quest of leveraging complex data by developing tools and services based on advanced data analytics, semantic integration and NLP.

DISGENET, a pioneering start​

Our journey starts in Barcelona, in 2010. A team of world-renowned data researchers and bioinformatics created DISGENET, the world’s most reliable and extensive gene-disease association network. The platform was backed since the very beginning by the prestigious academic institutions IMIM and UPF.​

We were strongly driven by the belief that human genetics could provide a wealth of information about how genomic variability influences drug effects.​

Built by researchers from prestigious academic institutions​

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MedBioinformatics, expanding DISGENET’s potential

As DISGENET’s impact grew, so did the demand from companies seeking to leverage this knowledge for their research and development. ​

In 2020, MedBioinformatics was born. Building upon the foundation of DISGENET, we combined our expertise in life sciences, NLP, AI and a deep understanding of biomedical questions to offer comprehensive solutions, such as:​

  • Developing safer and more effective therapies
  • Supporting the assessment of potential health risks of chemicals
  • Accelerating drug discovery by leveraging AI-powered analysis of multi-modal data​​
  • Streamlining precision medicine by enhancing the interpretation of genomic variants

We help you develop innovative and safer products that prioritize human health and well-being. And we do it through data, data for a better tomorrow.​

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