DISGENET: The Next Chapter For Disease Genomics Research

From today, DisGeNET.org and DISGENET plus will become one unified platform found at disgenet.com.

DisGeNET has become a cornerstone for bioinformatics research since starting in 2010. As a small team, we have dedicated 15 years to this valuable resource and we are committed to continuously improving the platform for you, our users.

As you can imagine, the scope and usage of our data have grown massively since we began. Consequently, maintaining the service of DisGeNET at the level we aspire to has become increasingly challenging in recent years. Securing the necessary funding for continuous improvement and timely updates has proven to be a formidable task. Therefore, we have looked for alternative ways to secure the future of DisGeNET.

In 2020, we established MedBioinformatics, a spin-off company dedicated to providing DisGeNET to commercial and for-profit users – what you may know now as DISGENET plus.

Meanwhile, DisGeNET.org has continued to serve our academic community well, earning high prestige within the scientific community, with over 5,500 citations in academic publications. Our user base has grown to over 130,000, a testament to the platform’s importance and impact on research worldwide.

A New Chapter – A Unified Platform

In order to keep releasing the most accurate, high-quality data, to sustain this valuable service, and to ensure DisGeNET’s continued growth, further change is needed.

From today, DisGeNET.org and DISGENET plus will become one unified platform at disgenet.com. This platform is designed to cater to the needs of both academic and commercial users, ensuring the best possible experience for everyone.

We have also undergone a brand refresh to align our image with this important new chapter.

Transparency and Benefits for Academia

Following the merging of our platforms, our valued academic users will need to migrate to disgenet.com to continue accessing the wealth of data available. The new DISGENET will provide free access to a large collection of gene and variant-disease associations for academic purposes, including well-known disease genes and variants. This data will be readily available to not-for-profit and academic users who obtain a free Academic License through a simple application process.

For academic researchers requiring programmatic access to the full database, we’ve introduced competitive subscription fees designed specifically for academic institutions.

Our Commitment to Open Science

Scientific progress relies on a foundation of prior research findings. This is especially true in data-driven fields like biomedicine. Our company actively supports this progress by providing open data resources and open-source software. This commitment fosters a vibrant research community that contributes to the continuous improvement of scientific knowledge.

The benefits of this approach ultimately translate into a more powerful and valuable DISGENET for commercial research too.

Unparalleled Disease Genomics Data

DISGENET will house a wealth of exciting features for both academic and commercial users, powered by our commitment to data quality and comprehensiveness:

  • Unmatched Accuracy: Leverage the power of our state-of-the-art F-score with 92% accuracy. 
  • Quarterly updates with the latest scientific findings.
  • Most Extensive Database: Access one of the world’s most comprehensive databases of gene-disease relationships available, avoiding data silos and enabling holistic research approaches.
  • Data Transparency: We believe in full platform transparency. DISGENET clearly discloses full statistics about database contents, features and performance metrics.
  • Text Mining and Curation: The platform leverages both text-mining and curated data integration, ensuring the most comprehensive and reliable information.
  • New features: Expect to find new data types and annotations, as well as a web interface, REST API, and R package with new functionalities to leverage this enriched data. 
  • Application to multiple research questions: Our database facilitates a wide range of applications in drug R&D, precision medicine, and other areas as illustrated by the different topics covered by scientists citing DISGENET in their publications.

Our Mission Continues

We remain committed to our core mission: providing actionable and trustworthy data about the relationship between genes and diseases to accelerate therapeutics research and development, thus improving and saving people’s lives. This evolution of DISGENET ensures continued growth and empowers researchers across the board to continue to make groundbreaking discoveries with real-world impact.

Building a Healthier Tomorrow, Together

DISGENET is committed to providing the most comprehensive and reliable data to fuel advancements in research, ultimately leading to improved health outcomes. This aligns perfectly with our new tagline, Data For Tomorrow’s Health.

We want to thank you for your continued support and remind you that our team is here to help you through this exciting evolution.

Your feedback, as part of a large community of users, is invaluable in helping us build a better resource. Together, through fostering open science and collaboration, we can ensure disgenet.com remains a valuable resource for all and contributes to building a healthier tomorrow.

Welcome to the future of DISGENET.