DISGENET Rebrand: A Fresh Look, Same Reliable Data for Tomorrow

DISGENET rebrand - new logos - MedBioinformatics

DISGENET our gene-disease association knowledge platform was created in 2010 driven by our mission that a greater understanding of human genetics was vital to improve people’s health. With over 100,000 web users, we see you agree.

Today, that need for reliable, high-quality genomics data hasn’t faltered, but the way we access data has vastly changed. Which is why the DISGENET platform and its parent company, MedBioinformatics, have a fresh new look. Our rebrand reflects how we support you transforming complex data into actionable insights in this new era.

Pioneering AI and NLP

To speed up safe and sustainable product development, thus improving people’s lives and the planet, you rely on actionable and trustworthy data.

In a world with an abundance of information scattered across multiple sources, the only sustainable way to obtain all the insights you need is through Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP).

A visual representation of complex data into actionable insights

Our brand new logos, both for MedBioinformatics and DISGENET, revolve around a shared “s” icon: an elegant shape that represents the journey from complex data into actionable insights. It mirrors our heritage in genomics too, resembling a DNA strand.

Both brands also come together through complementary taglines. 

DISGENET, as the world’s most extensive gene-disease association database, continues its mission providing you with Data For Tomorrow’s Health.

While our team of experts at MedBioinformatics use their expertise in life sciences, NLP and AI to speed up safe and sustainable product development and shape the future of any research-driven industry, hence, Data For Tomorrow.

Achieving the almost impossible

With the help of creative agency Krieen, we selected the Möbius strip as our key visual, as a metaphor for the never-ending transformation of data into actionable insights. The Möbius strip is a magical, yet mathematically unique surface which has only one side.

Through NLP, AI-powered technologies and semantic data integration we can achieve something almost impossible: bringing together data from millions of sources from around the world “on one single side” and turning them into value for researchers and businesses alike.

Your access to reliable and high-quality data is only expanding

How does the DISGENET rebrand affect you? Here is a simple breakdown: 

What hasn’t changed:

  • The high quality of DISGENET data
  • The user-friendly DISGENET web interface

What has changed:

  • Our websites

Our websites disgenetplus.com and disgenet.org are now one combined website found at disgenet.com.

  • Our logos, colors, fonts and imagery

Our communications will look different although they come from the same team as always.

  • Where you log in to DISGENET

Every DISGENET user, academic or commercial, will now login at disgenet.com.

Our FAQs provide helpful information specifically for current users transitioning to the updated platform.

Unlock the true potential of your data

There you have an introduction to our new brand. We help you develop innovative and safer products that prioritize human health and well-being. And we do it through data, data for a better tomorrow.​

We are thrilled to start this new chapter.