A new release of the DISGENET plus REST API is available!

September 16th, 2021. New release of the DISGENET plus REST API

We are thrilled to announce the new version of the DISGENET plus REST API, that provides different ways to interrogate the DISGENET plus database.

The main features of the new release are:

-New endpoints for the retrieval of attributes for genes, diseases, variants and publications;

-New endpoints to retrieve the summary and the evidences for the associations (GDAs and VDAs);

-Free text search support in the gene and disease entity endpoints, useful to recover database identifiers from free text expressions (e.g., to obtain the UMLS identifiers for the string “schizophrenia”);

-Protein class information added in the response of the GDA endpoints (summary and evidence).

We expect these changes ease the retrieval of the information from the database.

Interested to test it? Register for a free trial here.

For more information about DISGENET plus database, please visit

Learn more about the current DISGENET plus database release

For licensing information, please contact us at

RISK-HUNT3R project launches: risk assessment of chemicals integrating human centric next generation testing strategies promoting the 3Rs

June 24th, 2021. RISK-HUNT3R is the new European effort hosting world-leading experts from many different disciplines aiming to develop a novel and modular framework for animal-free next generation risk assessment (NGRA).

MedBioInformatics Solutions will join 36 partners, including academic researchers, regulatory authorities, and safety scientists from key industry sectors, such as Pharma and Cosmetics, for the newly launched RISK-HUNT3R project. This five-year Horizon2020-funded project aims to develop methods for reliable, efficient, and cost-effective chemical safety assessment based entirely on animal-free methods.

RISK-HUNT3R – Risk assessment of chemicals integrating human centric next generation testing strategies promoting the 3Rs – will address the EU directive to replace, reduce and refine (the 3Rs) the use of animals in safety testing of chemicals and medicines. RISK-HUNT3R will focus on developing strategies with regulatory relevance in mind and, unlike previous efforts, the consortium includes regulatory experts.

MedBioInformatics Solutions co-leads the Work Package on Human Translation. We will contribute with our expertise on network medicine and disease genomics to the development of New Approach Methodologies (NAMs), in particular computational toxicology tools, to support risk assessment. A key contribution will be to exploit knowledge on gene-disease associations (e.g. DisGeNET and DISGENET plus) and to integrate human genome variability in human health risk assessment.

For more information about RISK-HUNT3R, check the official Press Release from Leiden University and this article.

Business Metropole Ruhr: "Drug Discovery – Towards novel cancer therapeutics"

March 10th, 2021. MedBioInformatics Solutions participated with other startups from Barcelona, London and Ruhr in the networking event “Drug Discovery – Towards novel cancer therapeutics” organized by Business Metropole Ruhr. We presented our platform DISGENET plus and discussed its application to drug R&D in oncology.

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