Modern, data-driven organizations require solutions to properly identify,

extract and standardize information from textual resources.

Challenge: Information overload

Our expertise

Obtain relevant information from multiple text resources.

To date, we have processed over 30M scientific publications on disease genomics and millions of tweets to discover depression signs.

Biomedical literature
Clinical text records
Social media
Industry reports

  • Segment information

  • Assess patient's behaviour patterns on social media

Let's work together!

Selected Publications

Our foundation comes from the first step of innovation, research.

A. Leis, F. Ronzano, M. A. Mayer, L. I. Furlong, and F. Sanz. Detecting signs of depression in tweets in Spanish: Behavioral and linguistic analysis. Journal of Medical Internet Research, 21(6):e14199, 2019. doi:10.2196/14199.
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À. Bravo, T. S. Li, A. I. Su, B. M. Good, and L. I. Furlong. Combining machine learning, crowdsourcing and expert knowledge to detect chemical-induced diseases in text. Database, 2016, 2016. doi:10.1093/database/baw094.

À. Bravo, J. Piñero, N. Queralt-Rosinach, M. Rautschka, and L. I. Furlong. Extraction of relations between genes and diseases from text and large-scale data analysis: implications for translational research. BMC bioinformatics, 16(1):55, 2015. doi:10.1186/s12859-015- 0472-9

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